Cox & Kaleko Law Offices represents individuals and small businesses in all types of civil and appellate litigation.  While we primarily handle cases in Tallahassee and surrounding areas, we also provide consulting services for attorneys handling complex or technical personal injury cases and business litigation all over Florida. Here at Cox & Kaleko Law we have extensive experience representing clients involved in litigation, both civil and criminal, and our team is here for you.


Paying for legal research and consulting on an hourly basis is expensive. Facing firms with plenty of resources and experience is tough. When you need decades of trial experience, research, and analysis on your team, Cox & Kaleko Law offers scaling contingency based solutions adapted to your needs. Learn More
We are experienced. We are highly trained. We care. Our legal services extend to both individuals and small businesses, and you, our client, are our top priority. Cox & Kaleko Law offers representation on both contingency fee and hourly rates, depending on the needs of our client.Learn More

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